You are invited to join the

Summer Fun Challenge

to be active outdoors!

summer fun

free bandana
Free bandana for making a pledge to be more active this summer.


Fresh air, sunshine, and being physically active is good for your body and your mind. Receive a bandana when you take our pledge and earn chances for prizes each time you send in your activity records.

Pledge to be active this summer and receive a Healthy People Healthy Trails bandana.  Make your pledge here.

Set a goal and keep track of the time you are active every day. Health guidelines suggest 30 minutes of activity for adults and 60 minutes for kids on most days. If you are not active now, start with less and build up to your goal slowly. Send in your activity record every week to enter a prize drawing. Use this form to track your activity.


  • The Challenge ends on August 15, 2020. No forms will be counted after that date.
  • The Challenge is for people in Santa Barbara County.
  • Bandanas are available while the supply lasts.
  • Your personal information will not be shared. You do not have to send any personal information if you do not want to receive a prize.
  • Be honest on your activity form!

Use Safe Ways to Stay Active recommended by local health officials.

Connect to an active life! Connect to the outdoors!