Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

Proposal for Santa Barbara County

Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights Resolution

Childrens Outdoor Bill of Rights


The Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights (COBR) originated at a California Roundtable on Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in 2001. The discussions around current public health and childhood obesity concerns recognized the importance of outdoor play in nature. In 2007, California Governor Schwarzenegger, California State Park, and Recreation Commission, the California State Alliance of YMCA officially endorsed the California COBR. Since then, the initiative has spread to fifteen states and numerous local jurisdictions.


As the Countywide Recreation Master Plan is being developed, this creates a unique opportunity to promote outdoor equity in the community and pass a countywide resolution for the COBR. We hope that by creating a countywide COBR, all cities within Santa Barbara County, will also participate and increase awareness of outdoor play.

Next Steps

The following draft COBR was adapted from existing bills in an attempt to reflect the unique outdoor experience of Santa Barbara County. In order to ensure the resolution reflects the various organizations who have a role in outdoor play, we would like your edits/opinion on passing the Santa Barbara County’s Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights.


Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

The Santa Barbara County Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights
represents a commitment to all children
growing up in Santa Barbara County
in which every child has the right to:

Explore parks and open spaces

Harvest and eat locally grown fruits and vegetables

Plant a seed and watch it grow

Splash in the ocean and hike in a forest

Play in the sand and mud

Discover wildlife in nature

Gaze at the night sky

Climb a tree

Ride a bike

Honor our heritage and visit historic sites


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