Alice Keck Memorial Gardens and Alameda Plaza Walking Paths

Alice Keck Memorial Gardens + Alameda Plazas

Alice Keck Memorial GardensAlice Keck Memorial GardensAlice Keck Memorial GardensAlice Keck Park and AlamedaTrail Head: 250 W. Arrellaga Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Coordinates: 34.429741, -119.706707

What to Expect: Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens includes a meandering dirt walking path through lush gardens and around the central pond. The Alameda Plazas include a perimeter sidewalk and internal paved path with views of majestic trees from around the world.

Park Description: Alice Keck Park Memorial Gardens and the neighboring Alameda Plazas are two of Santa Barbara most popular parks. Located just east of downtown, they provide a quiet reprieve and boast amazing gardens and a wide variety of trees. Self-guided tree and plant tours are available online for those interested in learning about the parks’ history and diverse horticulture. Download Map

• Difficulty Rating: Easy
• Distance: 0.75 miles perimeter loop
• Grade Change: < 5%
• Trail Layout: Loop
• Surface: Dirt and concrete
• Average Width: 6 feet
• Shade: Yes
• Obstacles: Caution crossing streets
• Accessibility: Not Rated
• Restrictions: Dogs on leash. No biking, scooters,
or skateboards.
• Hours: Sunrise to 10pm
• Emergency: Call 911

Things to Do: Walking, birding and wildlife viewing, tree and plant tour, playground.

Amenities: Restrooms and drinking fountains. Shade. Benches. Playground and open grassy lawns. Pond.

What to Bring: Map, sun protection, layered clothing, flashlite, first aid kit, water, snack, cellphone, and personal identification.

Trail Etiquette: Have fun; be friendly and considerate. Leave what you find. Respect wildlife. Dispose of waste properly.

Access Mode/Parking: By car, bike, and bus. Street parking available.

Guided Walks: Self-guided tree and plant tours are available online for those interested in learning more about the parks’ horticulture:

Directions: Parks are located on Micheltoreana St. and Santa Barbara St. From the 101, exit Carrillo St. and turn north toward the mountains. Turn left on Santa Barbara St. Parking is along the streets surrounding the parks.

Interpretive Information: Plant directory is near the center of the park, above the pond. Low-water using demonstration portion is southern half of garden with a interpretative sign, brochure, and plant list in the southwest corner of the garden.

Park Managed by:

• City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation
• Hours: Sunrise to sunset
• Park Info: 805.564.5418
• Web Site: