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COAST Walking Wednesdays


“Confluence and Crossroads – Hope Ranch Annex at the Junction of Modoc and Hollister“, Autumn Brook, Landscape Contractor and Hope Ranch Annex resident

This walk will take participants along the horse paths/bike paths beside Cieneguitas Creek, a couple of blocks of County arterials, and down the meandering neighborhood streets of Arboleda Acres will explore the following themes:

  • Faults, Watersheds, Wetlands & Springs
  • Chumash Village
  • Spanish Catholic Chapel & Burial Grounds
  • Agriculture & Horses
  • Railroads and Crossroads
  • Pearl Chase’s Urban Homesteads

The walk will be lead by Autumn Brook, a licensed landscape contractor and designer, specializing in sustainable gardens. She has a strong interest in historic preservation, geology and watershed dynamics, native plant restoration, and community collaboration on planning issues. She has lived in the subject neighborhood for 26 years.

Walk will start at the Vieja Valley Elementary School parking lot (434 Nogal Drive, Santa Barbara).

Check our Facebook page or here monthly for updates, and contact us at info@COAST-SantaBarbara.org if you have a suggestion for a walk or would like to lead one.


Joanna Kaufman
(805) 875-3562


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