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Docent-led Bird & Nature Walk at Oso Flaco Lake with John Deacon


 Many of our winter visitors are getting ready to migrate north to their breeding grounds, and many of our spring migrants have already arrived. They will all likely be in their breeding plumage and may be singing their territorial songs. Walking through the “Willow Tunnel” at the start of the bird hike can be stunning, with all the birds singing. Once we reach the lakes, ducks, American White Pelicans, and rails should be plentiful. 

Who knows? We may even be treated to a Belted Kingfisher, an Osprey or two or maybe even a Peregrine Falcon! That’s the beauty of a bird hike; you never know what you will find until you get out there. Other critters seen on these walks include Raccoons, Muskrats, Opossums, Coyotes and Bobcats. Oh, and don’t forget the Gray Whales!

This 3-mile and 2-3 hour hike will take us from the parking lot to the ocean. Don’t be intimidated by the distance of this hike. If you only want to do a 1- or 2-mile hike, or even a just a 100-yard hike, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

So, be at the parking lot at 8:00 a.m. and join our docent John Deacon for what is sure to be a fun and informative morning. 

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Limited Space.


Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center


3006 Oso Flaco Lake Rd Arroyo Grande, CA, 93434
3006 Oso Flaco Lake Rd Arroyo Grande, CA, 93434 United States Get Directions

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