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Montecito to Carpinteria – CMT Stage 15-2 Hike


Stage 15-2 is a hike from Montecito to Carpinteria. This hike is 8-10 miles long, depending on the path we take. Stage 15-3 will be from Carpinteria to Mondo's beach and will be in April.

We’ll meet in front of the closed Four Seasons at 2:00 and walk along the beach to Eucalyptus Lane where we will go inland until we reach Summerland. From Summerland, we’ll walk along the beach to Loon Point and then walk on Padaro Lane to Santa Claus Beach. Then we’ll walk along the beach and railroad tracks to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh State Park. Then we’ll walk up Linden Avenue to have dinner at Sushi Teri.

Dinner at Sushi Teri is optional. I would like to make a reservation in advance, so let me know if you want to go in the comments section. There is parking behind Sushi Teri and I will drive down there before the hike so I can take 4 passengers back to Montecito afterward. I will need to get a ride to Montecito with someone before the hike. Let's work this out in the comments section.

We’ll walk on sand and over rocks on the beach, so wear appropriate shoes or boots. This will not be low tide so we will not be able to walk the whole way on the beach.

This hike aims to introduce people to new places, make new friends, and enjoy the outdoors together. If this is not your purpose, please find another hike. There will be no sweep on this hike and you are expected to stay with the group. Please assess your ability honestly before committing to this adventure where you will be on your feet for multiple hours.


Minimum of one liter of water and snacks if desired. There will be places to get water and minimal bathrooms on this route. The weather is predicted to be in the 50s and 60s, so dress in layers and be prepared.


Meet on the sidewalk overlooking the beach in front of the Four Seasons at 1260 Channel Islands Drive at 2:00pm. We will leave promptly, so be there 10 minutes early.

Sunset: 7:15pm

Did you see this webinar for the new guidebook called The California Missions Trail (CMT)?


The SB County Trails Council, which hosts this Meetup Group, had a webinar with the author Sandy Brown. The CMT is 802 miles long and goes to all 21 Missions from San Diego to Sonoma. The trail is so appealing to me that I'm going to start section hiking it and I'm inviting others to come along.

If you know more about the guidebook for the California Missions Trail go here:


The guidebook is also available at these locations:

Santa Barbara Mission Giftshop

Santa Barbara Historical Museum

La Purisma HSP Giftshop

Ventura Mission Giftshop

Chaucers Book Store



Santa Barbara County Trails Council


1260 Channel Islands Drive, Santa Barbara, CA
1260 Channel Islands Drive, Santa Barbara, CA United States Get Directions

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