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Sunset Hike | San Ysidro Trail


The hike offers ample room to stretch your legs, elevation gain for fitness improvement, and terrific views up and down.

As explained below, hike options range from 3 miles and 650 feet of gain to 6 miles and 1400 feet of gain. The specific route we take will depend on the group, but since the trails are very well marked, you have the option of taking shorter routes back to the trailhead if you would like.

On all these routes, the terrain is either dirt fire road or well-tended single-track trail. 

Please be sure to bring water, a snack, an extra layer of clothing, and a headlamp or flashlight. 

Details of the hike are provided below…hope to see you there!

  •  Hike Type: Conditioning
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Route Type: Out & back, loop, or lollipop
  • Distance: 3-6 miles
  • Elevation gain/loss: 650-1400 feet
  • Terrain: Footpath and dirt road
  • Leashed dogs: Yes

Route summary: 

This hike will take us 3-6 miles roundtrip, beginning in San Ysidro Canyon, turning on the McMenemy Trail until reaching the McMenemy Overlook, and normally continuing through the Montecito foothills on one of three loops, with impressive views of the coast and Pacific in any case. 

Our route begins at the San Ysidro trailhead on Mountain Drive, proceeds north along the San Ysidro Trail, passes several homes, and follows a mix of single track trail and dirt road for about a half mile. At the half-mile mark, we turn west on the on the McMenemy Trail and follow it up for about a mile to the McMenemy Overlook.

When we reach the McMenemy Overlook, there are four route options: Visit web site for details


Santa Barbara County Trails Council


1810 East Mountain Drive, Montecito, CA
1810 East Mountain Drive, Montecito, CA United States Get Directions

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