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Todos Afuera Hike | McMenemy Trail


While the focus is to encourage Latinx participation, everyone is welcome! The group exists to provide more opportunities to get outside that are culturally relevant, remove existing barriers, and increase Latinx participation in conservation. Hike leader, Graciela Cabello, is a volunteer organizer supported by the Santa Barbara County Trails Council. She does this work because she is passionate about sharing her love of outdoor recreation with her community, and equally passionate about protecting our public lands for generations ahead. Se habla Español.

We will stop at the at the 3 mile mark and assess if we want to keep going as a group to do the 5.5 mile hike. This is a beginner friendly hike with some steep sections, but we can slow down when necessary and not leave anyone behind. Please note the return time is an estimate and could take longer depending on whether we choose to keep going. 

Meet at Jack's Bistro and Bagels on Milpas St. at 8:30am so we can carpool to the trailhead. It takes about 20 min to drive there from Santa Barbara.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO RSVP so I know how many people I can expect to join. https://www.facebook.com/events/795856710620024/

What to bring:

  • lunch
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Backpack 
  • At least 2 litres of water (that’s 8 cups)

PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP WITH LESS THAN 2 LITRES OF WATER. It's always best to have more than you will drink than to have to turn around.

  • Comfortable shoes (tennis shoes or hiking shoes). No sandals or open toed shoes
  • If you have a first aid kit, it’s always a good idea to bring one. Or at least bandaids in case you get a blister. 
  • If you have a backpack, bring it to carry your water. If you don’t you can always hand carry your water. 
  • Snacks if you tend to get hungry. 
  • Tissue in case you need to go to the restroom on the hike or blow your nose. Please note if you do go on the trail, you need to go at least 100 ft away from water. You can also bring a ziplock to carry your used toilet paper. Please do not leave any trash on the trail.

Other recommended items:

  • Handkerchief
  • hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm with spf

If you have any other questions, feel free to call/text me at: 510.484.6613 or email graciela2277@gmail.com

Thank you for joining!!!


Graciela Cabello


Santa Barbara County Trails Council


53 S Milpas St, Santa Barbara, California 93103
53 S Milpas St, Santa Barbara, California 93103 United States Get Directions

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