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Let’s Get Moving in April!

During April 2024, organizations across Santa Barbara County will host events to connect people to an active life and connect them to the outdoors. Lace-up your shoes and get ready to explore! We celebrate Healthy People Healthy Trails Month in April, encouraging everyone to embrace the outdoors and experience the countless benefits of walking, hiking, and exploring nature trails. Healthy People Healthy Trails Month is a call to action for individuals and families to get

Healthy People Healthy Trails Recognized by BOS

On Tuesday, April 4th, 2023, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors issued a resolution declaring April to be Healthy People Healthy Trails Month. County Public Health and County Parks sponsored the resolution. Mark Wilkinson, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara County Trails Council, thanked the Board for their support and acknowledged the Healthy People Healthy Trails steering committee members and the organizations in Santa Barbara County that make promoting outdoor activities in a natural

April is a Month to Celebrate

April 2023 has been designated the inaugural Healthy People Healthy Trails Month in Santa Barbara County by a network of organizations that will host some 40 events to encourage greater use, awareness and stewardship of the abundant local parks and trail systems under the campaign: Let’s Get Moving! Activities throughout the month, like guided hikes and educational gatherings, are geared toward promoting greater access and enjoyment of trails, parks and open spaces as key tools

Trails + Art Exhibit in Montecito Journal

In her June 24th, 2021 article, author Joanne Calitri, captures the spirit of the collaboration between the artists who created art from vistas looking over a dozen trails and the organizations that came together to make a new exposition at the Wildling Museum of Art and Nature happen. The exhibit is titled Art from the Trail: Exploring the Natural Beauty of Santa Barbara County, which celebrates outdoor treasures here on the Central Coast. The exhibition is open now