April is a Month to Celebrate

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April 2023 has been designated the inaugural Healthy People Healthy Trails Month in Santa Barbara County by a network of organizations that will host some 40 events to encourage greater use, awareness and stewardship of the abundant local parks and trail systems under the campaign: Let’s Get Moving!

Activities throughout the month, like guided hikes and educational gatherings, are geared toward promoting greater access and enjoyment of trails, parks and open spaces as key tools for improving public health and welfare in local communities.

Healthy People Healthy Trails also promotes the importance of conserving and protecting natural open space.

“Year after year, we see new evidence of the benefits of being outside, especially in natural surroundings,” said Dr. Kristen Hughes, a pediatrician at Franklin Health Care Center. “This can range from increasing children’s physical activity, helping manage stress, and giving families and friends opportunities for positive social interactions. “Promoting time on trails, parks, and any outdoor space is one way to improve the health of our communities.”

Founded in 2015, Healthy People Healthy Trails is a collaborative initiative sponsored by healthcare, land management, and recreation-focused organizations. Part of the push for awareness in April is creating a single online resource at https://healthypeoplehealthytrails.org/ for comprehensive information on local outdoor spaces, trails, and related activities.

“We are proud that our parks serve as an integral part of our community,” said Jeff Lindgren, Assistant Director, Santa Barbara County Community Services Department, Parks Division. “Healthy People Healthy Trails Month allows us to improve the health of our communities while getting folks engaged in protecting one of our most important natural resources, our parks,” Lindgren said. “This countywide awareness program is a win-win for everyone involved.”

Healthy People Healthy Trails Month events are typically free and easily accessed. The online events calendar showcases walking, running, riding and other outdoor activities. Parks departments, healthcare providers and community organizations will sponsor over 40 events that will interest people of all ages.

For more information, visit https://healthypeoplehealthytrails.org/ or the websites of event sponsors.

Those who wish to participate can do so individually or as a group by signing up for events already scheduled by community organizations and agencies. Organizers will add more events throughout the month.

Healthy People Healthy Trails is sponsored by CenCal Health, the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department, Sansum Clinic, Healthy Lompoc Coalition, Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, and Santa Barbara County Trails Council.

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